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Further information is available by clicking this link to GRFU Disciplinary Page



All reports should be submitted to the society’s disciplinary officer Barry Clark and they should be completed and sent within 48 hours!!

Remember from season 2013/14 all players are automatically banned until they appear before a disciplinary panel. 

For any player sent off, but belonging to a club outside Gloucestershire, the referee should send his report in exactly the same way as above.

All referees are advised to follow a set procedure when sending a player from the field of play.

Sending Off: In the presence of the player’s captain, take the player’s name and number. Record the time and make it clear to the player why he/she is being sent off. Confirm that both the player and captain understand the sending off, then show the red card to the player, so that all present understand that the player has been sent off.

After the game, it is unwise to discuss a caution or sending off with anyone present in the clubhouse, except for a referee adviser/assessor or referee coach.

If you send somebody from the field of play you MUST submit a report. You cannot tell a player or his club that the sending off is sufficient. That is for the County Disciplinary Panel to decide upon.

Referee Abuse

You have the right to expect your authority as a referee to be upheld throughout your visit to any club at which you are officiating. Everyone should expect disagreement (especially from spectators) about decisions you make – this has always been part of the game! However, there is no excuse for any instances of personal abuse from players, officials, club members or spectators, before, during or after the game – including in the clubhouse.

Red Card and Abuse forms can be downloaded under the forms section.