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Induction Feedback


The purpose of this booklet is set out on page 2. The Society would welcome your comments on the pack. We would be grateful if you would complete the Evaluation form below and return it to the Secretary.

Finally, if there is anything you want to know, ask!!



Thanks to a number of Officers who contributed to this Pack.

Secretary, August 2017

Evaluation Form (we suggest you cut and paste this page with your comments and email it..)

This form is designed to enable new members to feedback their views on this Induction pack. If you have any views and you wish to express them, please comment against the six questions below and return it to the General Secretary. Thanks in anticipation of your comments.

1. How useful is the information?



2. Is the Information included in each section sufficient for that section?



3. Any comments about the format?



4. Is there anything that should be included that isn’t there?



5. Have you spotted any inaccuracies?



6. Any other comments