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Where do I go to find information?

7. Where do I go for up to date information about the Society?

There are two main sources, firstly is the main method for up to date information, including notice of meetings, important law changes. Secondly, use WTR for all information about appointments, including your own availability and contact details for rugby clubs etc. WTR is sometimes also used to email important notices/messages. You should check these two sources at least once a week and more frequently for your appointments.

8. How does the Society communicate with me?

The main methods are

8.1 see above.

8.2 Meetings, where refereeing topics, law questions and society business are discussed.

8.3 Who's The Ref (WTR)

9. How is the Society organised and run?

This section briefly describes how G&DRRS is structured. More detail is available on the website under About Us. There are a number of committees and office holders, many elected at the AGM.

9.1 The Committee has overall responsibility for the Society’s affairs, including its finances and its relationships with other bodies, including the RFU, the Gloucestershire Federation of Rugby Referees’ Societies, Counties and the clubs, universities and schools that we serve. It sets the overall strategy of the Society and the annual Society Operating Plan, where specific objectives are set (see website). It is chaired by the Chairman and comprises Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Finance Manager, Appointments Secretary, Society Match Observer Development Officer (SMODO), Referee Development Officer (RDO), Members’ Representative (elected by members at AGM), Young Referees’ Coordinator and Sunday Appointments Secretary.

9.2 Appointments and Grading Committee. It’s functions are appointments, grading of referees, appointment of assessors and coaches and their training, development, coaching and assessing. It comprises the Vice Chairman, as chairman of the committee, the Appointments Secretary, SMODO, RDO, Members’ Representative and the Sunday Appointments Secretary. The Exchange Secretary joins the Committee for it’s appointments function.

Other officers report to their appropriate member of the Committee.

10. Who are my Key Contacts?

The following Table summarises who you should contact in the first instance for ‘frequently asked questions’.



Any matter

Your mentor


Appointments Secretary

Grading (and being advised)

Vice Chairman and Members’ Representative

Law Questions,

Competition rules

Training and Development

Referee Development Officer

New members

Induction Officer




Serious injury Form

Sending off and Abuse forms


Website, General Secretary

Vice Chairman