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Law quiz

What is your decision? [Select to see answer]

Q1.  Red attacking winger kicks ahead along the ground, chases it and from touch-in-goal, grounds the ball in his opponents' in-goal.

A1 [Try to red.  Law 22.4 (g) p162]

Q2.  Red 7, bound only a hand to a maul, 3m from the Blue goal line, sees the ball on the goal line and dives to claim a try.

A2 [No try.  Red not bound at tmaul. Penalty to Blue at place of infringement. Law 17.2 (c) p109]

Q3  From a maul. 6m from their own goal line, Red 9 passes to Red 10 who is in goal; Red 10's attempted clearance kick is charged down by Blue 6 and the ball goes dead over the dead ball line.

A3 [Scrum 5m, opposite where ball is made dead. Blue put in. Law 22.7(e) p164]

Q4  Reds kick off at a restart and the ball goes direcly into touch in goal.

A4 [Blue have two options: Red kick off again, or scrum on halfway, Blue put in.  Law 13.9 (b) p88]

Q5.  Reds kick off, ball travels into Blue in goal where it is instantly grounded by =Blue 15.

.A5 [ as Q4]